Obras para Laud o Guitarra
  • Dos duetos (My Lord Chamberlain, My Lord Willoughby)


Libros de Canciones
  • Primer Libro
    • Unquiet thoughts your civil slaughter stint
    • Whoever thinks or hopes of love for love
    • My thoughts are winged with hopes
    • If my complaints
    • Can she excuse my wrongs
    • Now, o now, 1 needs must part
    • Deare, if you change
    • Burst forth my tears
    • Go, crystall teares
    • Thinkst thou then by thy fayning
    • Come away, come sweet love
    • Rest a while, you crueli cares
    • Sleep, waiward thoughts
    • Ah ye, whom love or fortune hath betraid
    • Wilt thou unkind thus reave me of my heart
    • Would my conceit, that first enforst my woe
    • Come again: sweet love doth now invite
    • His golden locks time hath to silver turnd.
    • Awake, sweet love, thou art returnd
    • Come heavy sleep, the image of true death
    • Away with these selfe loving lads
  • IV Lachrimae
    • 1. Lachrimae Antiqu L-6
      2. Lachrime Antiqu Nowe L-12
      3. Lachrime Gementes L-18
      4. Lachrime Tristes L-24
      5. Lachrime Coactae L-30
      10. M. John Langtons Payan. L-36
      12. The Earle of Essex Galiard. L-42
      13. Sir John Souch His Galiard L-46
      18. Captaine Digorie Piper his Galiard. L-50
  • Segundo Libro
    • 1 saw my Lady weepe
    • Flow my teares
    • Sorrow, sorrow stay
    • Dye not before thy day
    • Mourne, mourne
    • Tymes eldest sonne, oid age the heire of ease (parte 1ª)
    • Then sit thee downe, & say thy Nune Demittis: (parte 2ª)
    • When others sings Venite exuitemus: Third part.
    • Praise bhindness eies
    • O sweet woods the deiight of solitarinesse
    • If floods of teares could cleanse my follies past
    • Fine knacks for Ladies
    • A shepheard in a shade

  • Tercer Libro
    • Farewell too faire
    • Time stands still with gazing on her face
    • Behoid a wonder here
    • Daphne was not so chaste
    • What if 1 never speede
    • It was a time when silly Bees could speake
Obras para Voz y Laud o Guitarra