Air in G

Borry in D

Trumpet Tune and Air

If Music be the Food of Love

Sonata n°1 para 2 violins, bass et BC in Eb. Adagio, Canzona (allegro), Adagio, Largo & Allegro.

Suite No.1

Suite in G, Z.660 -

Sonata No.2 para 2 violins, bass et BC in F (Golden Sonata)

5 transcriptions para harpsichord


The Yorkshire Feast Song (1689)

Sonata para Trumpet and String Orchestra

Ground in d

Come ye sons of art away, Z.323


Dido And Aeneas


The Fairy Queen, Z.629

First Musick

Second Musick

Act I

Musick's Handmaid (Pieces para Harpsichord) 1689

King Arthur

Ode para Queen Mary (1694)

  • Strike the Viol, Touch the Lute .
  • Funeral music of Queen Mary (65k)
  • Hornpipe in Bb (J.A.Boulter)
  • Hornpipe in E- (solo harpsichord) .
  • Hornpipe in E- (ship-board version) .
  • March in C (J.Cowles)
  • Minuet in A-
  • Minuet No.1 (S.Parton)
  • Music para a While (R.Flood)
  • Music para a While (J.Holligum)
  • Sound the Trumpet, Come Ye Sons of Art (J.Cowles)

    Suite No.5

  • Trumpet Voluntary
  • Trumpet Voluntary
  • [Trumpet Voluntary: See also
  • J.Clarke's Prince of Denmark March]
  • Verse in the Phrygian mode, Z.126
  • A New Irish Tune Segovia arr. (D.Lovell)
  • Voluntary in C, Z.717

    Trio Sonata in F, 'Golden Sonata'

    The Tempest (See also Linley's Tempest)