3 Variations, Op.1 - Piano solo

2 Variations, Op.2

Sonata for piano No.1 in C, Op.2a

3 Variations, Op.3

Strings Trio in Eb, WoO.3

Strings Trio in G, WoO.4

Viola Sonata in Eb, Op.5-3

3 Fugas, Op.7

Variations in E, Op.9 -

Variations in D, Op.10 -

Rondo favori in Eb, Op.11

Piano sonata No.1 in Eb, Op.13 -

1.Allegro con brio

6 German Dances, Op.16 Piano solo

Fantasia in Eb, Op.18

Fantasy in Eb, Op.18

Piano trios

7 Hungarian Dances, Op.23 Piano solo

Música para ballet 'Helen and Paris', Op.26 - Las partes orquestales fueron arregladas para piano por el compositor

8 Piano pieces, Op.37 in Bb

Paul et Virginie, Op.41 -

Die Eselshaut

Singspiel 'The Good News', Op.61 -

24 Preludes, Op.67

6 Polonaises, Op.70

Septet in D-, Op.74

Introduction, Variations and Rondo in Eb, Op.75

Piano sonata in F#-, Op.81

Quintet in Eb-, Op.87

Fantasy for Viola and Orchestra in G-, Op.94

Cello sonata in A, Op.104

Six Bagatelles, Op.107

3 Pieces faciles, Op.111

Rondeau brillant in Eb, Op.120

Rondeau villageoise in Ab, Op.122

Fantasy in G-, Op.123

24 Etudes, Op.125

Grand Rondo Brillant for Flute and Piano, Op.126

Improvisation work collections

Paganini fantasia, S.190 (43k)

The Piano Method (1828)

Sixty practice pieces

Trumpet concerto in E, WoO.1 -

Variations for Orchestra 'O du lieber Augustin', WoO.2

Grand concerto for bassoon and orch., WoO.23

Clarinet trio in Bb

Trumpet concerto in Eb (Trumpet and piano red.)


The Scotch Contradance-Rondo, Op.posth.3

Introduction and Rondo, Op.posth.5 (2 pianos)

Capriccio, Op.posth.6