Grand Sonata for violin and guitar, Op.25

Concerto for guitar No.1 in A, Op.30 Version for large orchestra

Divertimento, Op.40 No.6

Grand Overture, Op.61

Concerto for guitar No.3 in F, Op.70

Trois Sonates faciles, Op.71

Sonata for flute and guitar, Op.85

Sonata for flute & guitar, Op.85

Baccanali de Roma, Op.102 -

Larghetto in G-

Variations on a Theme of Handel (The Harmonious Blacksmith)

Variations on a Theme of Handel, Op.107

Variazioni concertanti, Op.130

Polonaise Concertante, Op.137 No.2 (guit. duet)

Sonato Heroica, Op.150 .

Grandi Variazioni e Polonese

Concerto for guitar and orchestra No.1 in A