Silhouettes, Op.8

Serenade for strings in E, Op.22

Theme and Variations in Ab, Op.36

Furiant in D, Op.42 No.1

Quartet No.10 in Eb, Op.51

Legends, Op.59 - piano a 4 manos

String quartet No.11 in C, Op.61

Poetic Tone Pictures, Op.85

String Quartet No.12 in F 'American', Op.96


Piano Quintet in A, Op.81

Biblical Songs, Op.99

Quartet No.14 in Ab, Op.105

Sonata for Violin and Piano in G

Violin Concerto in A-, Op.53 (piano red.)

Symphony No.4 in D-, Op.13

Symphony No.5 in F, Op.76

Symphony No.7 in D-, Op.70

Symphony No.8 in G, Op.88

Symphony No.9 in E- (From The New World), Op.95

Cello Concerto Op.104, Cello & Piano version

Serenade for 10 wind instr., cello, dblbass in D-, Op.44

Slavonic Dances

Humoresques, Op.101


Te Deum in G, Op.103 -